What does membership in MOMS Club look like?


Who is invited?

The MOMS Club® of Madison County, MS welcomes all moms from our county regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, immigration status, religion, disability, or employment status.


Who runs this circus?

Our board members are unpaid volunteers. Every spring, the chapter elects new board members. Those board members serve for a one-year term (July 1 - June 30), during which they oversee the chapter's finances, incoming members, social calendar, and service projects.


What is expected of members?

You can attend events, volunteer on service projects, throw a coffee party, host a MOMS Night In... or you can just swipe through the Facebook group and use the calendar as inspiration for your solo adventures.

Like all things in life, the more you put into MOMS Club, the more you will get out of it... but we value our "quieter" members just as much as our social butterflies!


What do you actually do?

We meetup in real life.
The board publishes a fresh social calendar every month. Members RSVP to the events that fit their interests and availability. Friendships form naturally among the moms whose interests/schedules align.

We serve our community together.

Sometimes our service projects are as simple as voting to write a check to a worthy charity. Other times, we call on our members to volunteer for small individual tasks so we can accomplish something really big together.

We chat on our private group.

Our Facebook group is only for dues-paying members whom we've met in person. This ensures our group is small enough that we can actually know each other, and it ensures there are no weirdos masquerading as moms in our group. We also don't allow advertising, religious evangelizing, or political rallying in our group -- no ulterior motives here!


What do the $25 annual dues cover?

Membership perks:

  • a fresh social calendar every month, filled with daytime activities for moms and kids

  • invitations to our monthly moms-only events

  • access to our private Facebook discussion group

  • a cute little MOMS Club lapel pin, because why not?

What happens to your $25?

  • ~$17 is spent on service projects (you, as a member, get a vote on which projects/charities you want to support)

  • ~ $3 is spent on fun perks for members (kids' crafts, snacks, party supplies)

  • ~$2.25 is spent on operating expenses (e.g. this beautiful website, PayPal processing fees)

  • ~$5.00 goes to our parent organization, MOMS Club International


Steps to join:


Connect Online


Meet In Person

We'll work with you to pick an upcoming chapter event so we can meet each other


Paperwork & Dues


Let's Chat

We'd love to meet you! Send us your contact info and we'll email you within a few days.

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.